Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Shop Opening for School of Charms~

Hello darlings.....So sorry I have been MIA....I have been exceedingly busy creating new Fabulous jewelry for my NEW SHOP!!! I have had a shop through Etsy.....albiet on and off, for 2 years and as much as I love the whole community of Etsy, I have decided that it is time for me to EXPAND my horizons~ My new shop is now through RUBY LANE and my new address is:
I will now only be a SHOPPER on Etsy....which I have found is the BEST place to find all my lovely components for my Jewelry!
Here are just a few new pieces that I have made and put in my new shop~ you can see I have been a busy litte bee!
I pledge to add many more posts, much more often~
By the By.....I've already had TWO sales through my New Shop!
I will be posting the WORD for the day later today~
Until then Darlings......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looky what I made Darlings....Outlaw's and Goth's

Here are the newest creations hot off the press at School of Charms~


I have thrown wide my window
And looked upon the night,
And seen Arcturus burning
In chaos, proudly bright.
Gorgeous Chalcedony embraced by the Oxidized Sterling silver bead caps......Ring is strung on 20 gauge Sterling silver wire that has been oxidized to a gunmetal pantina~Ring is size 5 1/2~

The Outlaw

Look like a glamorous outlaw in this Sleeping Turquoise and pearl bracelet~ Two of large white pearls linked together with Oxidized Sterling silver wire....the other Oxidized sterling chain with Large Sleeping Turquoise Oval~Oxidized sterling silver lobster clasp as closure~Bracelet will fit size 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inch wrist with Sterling extender chain~If you would like bracelet made smaller I will happily do that for you!
More lovely pieces are here
P.S. I would love to shout out a huge Thank you darling, to a most fabulous Blogger gal: MJ at or Note to Self as many of us know and love her.....has given my Etsy shop a lovely mention in her blog~ So Hugs and Kisses to you darling!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Special Word of the Day

Today's word my darlings is: Chintzy
chintzy\'chin(t)-se\ adj 1: decorated with or as if with chintz 2: Gaudy, Cheap
Much like this Fabulous Idea for your Bathroom:
........... And Most assuredly this:

The Winner in my Humble Opinion:

Thanks for watching Kids....Tune in Next Friday for the new Word of the Day~ Can you tell me how to to get to la la la la......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rachel Zoe Project...Guilty Pleasure >or< Screaming Train Wreck

Okay, I have a confession.....I have reluctantly been watching the Rachel Zoe Project. Why oh why must I watch this.....well, as the title states, I cannot seem to help myself around Screaming Train Wrecks. The simple truth is I covet dear people, I covet the hoards of designer clothes she has meticulously draped on racks in her studio. I covet the way she gets to fly off to Neverland New York for fashion week all the while Shmoozing and cavorting in the land of Fabulous People. I like to consider myself a Jewelry Desiger on good days....therefore I also covet the way she can just mosey into any Antique Boutique and walk out dripping in post war vintage Dior baubles. I know, I know....she's worked hard, and she deserves this greatness. The better part of me believes this and knows that with most Screaming Train Wrecks, there must either be Mechanical failure, Human error, or Sabotage.

Ahhhh.....istn't Taylor just the warmest and fuzziest? I just adore her~ Can't we all just get along.....I mean come onnnn people. Get your #$*% together! Also....I don't know that I can stand to listen to anymore of these conversations: "like, I don't know...."like, I want it clean"....."like, I'm dying, I'm just dying!" Seriously, don't people realize how tedious they sound when every other word they use is "like"? Poor Brad is going to have to grow a backbone to deal with Taylor and her Solid Structured ways. And as a side note.....I do not believe that Rachel could survive without Taylor....she is a force to be reckoned with. I now want to win the Lottery so I can steal her from Rachel and pay her to run my household.....The Husband would cower under the bed and my children would be perfect little soldiers~

So....what do you think....Guilty Pleasure or Screaming Train Wreck? Please tell me cuz, like I gotta know,

Like, Really, ya know~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Got a Secret?....Wanna Keep it?

A Gorgeous new Collage Floral locket.....or a Flocket.....whatever you call it, it's Fabulous! Are you a stalker? Wanna steal your lover's hair and store it secretly so you can smuggle it home for that Voodoo doll that you are making of him? Well this Flocket is perfect for any secret you may want to long as it fits in a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch area. I suppose stalking isn't your thing.... you're probably more of a romantic at I imagine you could keep your lover's photo in the Flocket.....but seriously....isn't stalking really the new romance anyway? This lovely lady thinks it's perfectly O.K......just don a pair of really big sunglasses, maybe a stylish faux fur Trench and of course.....the brand spankin new Flocket by School of Charms!

Happy Stalking Darling! Have a Charming Day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MTV killed the Video Star

Normally I wouldn't bother to blog about such a production as the MTV Video Awards Show.....but I feel the need to discuss some of the interesting fashion faux pas I witnessed that evening~
This person from the German Band Tokio Hotel (I honestly don't know if this is a male or female) is apparently a huge fan of Cher....I guess I like it a little better on Cher.
Then there was Christina Aguilera who Wikipedia lists as being a mere 28 years old....maybe it's just bad angles or lighting in this particular photo.....but....don't shoot me all you Aguilera fans....... she looks about 50 years old here.....50 with a great boob job~
Having grown up during the revolutionary beginnings of MTV (back when they actually played music videos) I fondly recall many interesting fashion statements...who can forget Madonna writhing on the floor in her "boy toy" wedding dress....but at least they had style.....and not STYLISTS!! These pioneering artists at least had the Gumption to dress themselves with flair and not give a damn what anyone else wanted them to wear~
As a teenager I, along with two million or so other Madonna wanna-be's are certainly testimony to that. (much to the chagrin of many the poor mother)
Who are the Rock n Roll Fashion Icons today? I really don't know....Probably Rap stars...Kanye West...P Diddy.....Snoop Dog; however there doesn't seem to be anyone who leaves the impression that the Madonnas, the Michael Jacksons ( who can forget the one glove phenomenon) or Prince ( purple anything, white ruffled shirts, curly big hair) had on the masses, and that makes this writer feel very, very old and a little sad. My plea to MTV.....stop with the Reality and give us back Our MTV!!
"See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy that's his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he's a millionaire"
"Now that ain't workin' that's the way you do it
You play the guitar on the MTV
That ain't workin' that's the way you do it
Money for nothin' and your chicks for free"
On a lighter note however....Brittney looked pretty good....There may be hope yet!~

Friday, September 5, 2008

Raindrops on Roses....A few of my favorite things~

So lovely...all of these items come from the wonderful artists of Etsy~

"Old Hollywood".....I love that era! Gorgeous fashion sketch. Original and One of its kind! Get it while you can....unless I beat you to the punch! Interested in more Autumn Russell?.... her shop is full of Fabulous sketches~

"Red Tulips" ....a marvelous Original Poloroid Image transfer~ Guess I must really just love this color combination. ( maybe??) I've been a fan of Tiffany Teske's work for a long time now~ See more of the greatness at

"Sweet Jane"... Speaks~ Fabulous bag made of fine chocolate leather and screen printed sage canvas. I love that it's big enough for me to fit my worldly possesions~ To peek at more of Cha Cha's lovely things her shop is here~

"Simply Smashing"~ That's what all of BoringSidney's hats are....I own one of them! Love the color and style of this one...Gorgeous!! To see more of her Happening Hats you can find it here~

"Strawberry".....looks good enough to eat! Love the oxidized silver with the yummy ripe red! Sublime! Want more?

"The Fall"....I fell in love at first sight with this Print...I adore how the Red leaves and Ribbon pop out against the contrast of the pale leg~ Gorgeous! For more stunning Fine art Prints see~

"The Milky Way"~ The craftsmanship of this piece is amazing...such Unique and Glamorous style in this Necklace. To see more of Smabla's excellent pieces of Jeweled art you can find it here~

And last but certainly not least is this Gorgeous untitled print done by Capree....all of her work is Stunning! You can see for yourself here~ This is how I believe I would want to look if I could be a Super Hero.....Beautiful and Dangerous.
Come to think of it.....I should be a Super Hero!

I desperately want all of these if someone out there (looks at hubby) wants to buy them for me....I certainly would not object!! So Very Charming Darling!!